Saturday Morning Coffee

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This week I recorded a podcast as well as a YouTube video, see above. I love it when I get on a roll in getting things done. I think it feels so good. I have been on a roll sewing a block a day, too. I have also been on a roll using my Active 5 exercise program where this week I did a tree pose as well as a pathetic plank. But I did those things and was able to walk afterwards. And keeping up on laundry. Why can’t I get on a roll with cleaning and decluttering! Ok , you can’t win them all. Just gotta go where the brain energy is and the motivation.

As I drink my coffee and write this, I am thinking about new projects. New recipes, new things to do because I miss travel. I have to have the stimulus of something new because things are getting a little boring during this lockdown. Stale. Same old routine. Same views. SAME. The only thing interesting to do outside of this house is camp and rock hound but those places are packed with bored people just like me. And camping is really not my thing. Closest thing to camping I will do is sit in my lawn chair and look for the Meteor shower this week, lol!

I am learning several things about myself as this Pandemic continues and social distancing is more and more important. I can stay home all the time and not go completely mad. I just create new things to do, new projects, new ways to immerse myself in something. I am also finding shows to watch, listening to old favorite books, and finding reasons to get out of the house. Boxes piling up? I should go to the recycling center. Done. Thrift stores has a half off sale? I should check it out. Purchased books that may be interesting. Saw on YouTube that Dollar Tree has all the new Fall things in for your inexpensive craft projects. I need to get them before they sell out. Done. These are places I go to once a year. I have been visiting more. Hubs is going to Lowe’s to finish a project on your Honey do List, I go to check out the clearance racks and bring him more dollar houseplants and odd shaped tiles for photo props and craft ideas. When you have nothing but time to fill you fill it. However, it has been filled with useful, interesting and productive things for the most part.

I have been taking advantage of all the free offers and classes online that I can find. Several are just something to listen to while I am home alone . Some are reinforcing what I already know and then there are those totally new to me. I highly recommend Curiosity Stream for all its documentaries. I like learning and watching/listening to those way more than sinking my time into a crappy movie or show.

On a roll is a good thing for me! I think being productive is my happy place. The house and yard are in a pretty good state. I have crafty things going and several wrapping up. I have been working and kicking that out in record levels. Exercise has been coming along to being short but consistent. I am learning so many new things for free as well as being inspired by it all.

I realize after months of this, that I keep looking for what to do next, what new thing I need to do….. when actually, I need to just keep going doing those things that I already do and keep trying to do those things better. Much like learning to play violin and taking lessons for about 10 years. You learn the basics in the first couple of years but the rest of the time is getting better and mastering a few skills. I miss playing and when the arthritis is under better control I think I will get it out and rip off a few scales just to see if I still can.

Stay safe ,


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