Saturday Morning Coffee

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.

I really needed coffee this am after such a long sleep last night. I even went to bed a bit early by most people’s standards. I have had a lovely week with a socially distanced quilt meeting outside, making a quilt top, loaded a quilt for the long arm and recorded a podcast. I feel like I had a very productive work week too. I enter the weekend with lots of good energy from the week and that doesn’t happen every week.

I am thinking about how I want to spend the last two weeks of summer before Labor Day weekend is here. That signifies my new year to me because traditionally it signals the end of summer, the start of the school year and new beginnings.

I think I am going to spend the last two weeks of summer grabbing the last rays of summer sun. Fresh air and patio time is something on my list. I have done all the gardening done I want to do. I think that I want to get into a indoor exercise plan going more than what I have been doing because it has been too hot to walk outside and coming soon it will be too cold. Not sure what that is going to look like.

I have been looking for my fall themed decor and the big decor switch will happen over Labor day. I am also looking for Circut projects to make more things for more fall themed things. I also want to actually try a Pumpkin spice coffee when they come to Starbucks this year. I have never tried one!

I have become hooked on Just Get it Done Quilts YouTube. I have learned so much from her videos. The Next quilt I am going to make is her Layer Cake quilt. I love her channel because I can identify with her life , her dreams and aspire to have her skills. Here is the video:

I plan to use my Tula Pink De La Luna Layer cake for this pattern. It’s gonna be great!

I want to celebrate losing 8 pounds by simply eating a reasonable amount and doing 5 min of isometrics 5 days a week. I also am focusing on moving more vs sitting at home while I work and sew. That means get up every hour and walk around or climb stairs to get the body moving. I feel better and want to keep slowly “tightening up” the eating and improving the exercises.

Gearing up for a mental new year ! Are you like me and just going with that “feeling” or mental momentum? I do. I have learned that if that is where my mental energy is that is where I spend my time and energy. Except exercise I never have mental energy for that so I have to schedule it and force myself to do it because it is healthy. Much like my sunshine and fresh air exposure, that must be scheduled too.

Have a great week ! I should have new year goals by September



  1. Wow, girl. You certainly amaze me with your energy. I especially appreciated your “one stitch, one block at a time ” comment. I get discouraged fitting my writing, reading, knitting, etc. into my day.


    • I don’t get as much reading in or exercise as I should but I try to do things in 15 min blocks and move to the next each day. Then over a week I get more done than spending hours in one sitting! I really don’t like to be idle. Plus having customer quilts keeps me moving forward on things! Thanks for commenting and one thing at a time!

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