Saturday Morning Coffee

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Deep cleansing breath this morning, the coffee was great. I have had a week where I am doing more things that are what I would call pre pandemic life. I went to the office this week for one morning seeing patients. I saw family. Going out to see friends, and tomorrow to see more family. Monday and Wed, I will be going to work in the office. I was hoping that I could work from home forever but all good things come to an end as they say. I am ready but don’t get me wrong, I will work from home every chance I get!

I have been outside walking and soaking up a little sunshine since it has cooled down. I am going to do that as much as I can until winter get here. I was in the garden yesterday and things are still blooming and I pulled a few weeds half heartedly. I don’t think I will get it fully weeded again until next spring. By August, I am a little tired of weeding and overall messing with the garden. Today we are ordering the shrubs/dwarf trees for the back row of the garden and plan to plant them over the long Labor Day weekend coming up. I can see hints of what this garden will look like once it gets some maturity. I have to say I like it and it will be ok. I am over the neighbor’s destruction of it and making what it left something I enjoy.

Garden Aug 2020

Fall is in the air. I have to say I had the best simple, slow summer if I can overlook not seeing my family and cancelling trips to see them. I liked not having to rush around and be able to work on things at home. I was able to stay very busy and not have to be immersed with the sad things happening in the world due to the pandemic. Now, it’s back to life and back to reality. I feel like summer vacation is over, the school year is starting up and that means it is a new year for me come Labor Day. I will start my fresh New Year plans. If my work can make their new fiscal year start in October, I can make my New Years Day in September on Labor day. It makes more sense to me than the calendar day in January.

Back To Life, Back to Reality

First up Halloween quilt , then an orphan block quilt. Then who knows where the next adventure will take me!


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