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Oh is fall here! It is cold, rainy and grey out. Yesterday is was only 35 degrees when I got up. Perfect weather to crochet my linen stitch shawl, quilt and watch TV. I am ahead on house work, so today I can chill and relax for the most part. I have even gone back to my blog feed on Bloglovin’ and took time to read blogs vs quick scroll throughs on social.

It doesn’t get much better than this for a weekend. I even showered before noon and met with a friend to pick up her quilt. I went totally nuts on long arming it and we both loved how it turned out.

I have been long arming up a storm because I have lots of quilt to do for customers and it is a good problem to have. HOWEVER, I need to keep up doing one or two rows a day so I don’t fall behind and have them done by their deadlines. I love quilting and since I am so far behind I am vowing not to sew any more tops because I have 4 or 5 of my own to quilt. I have epp to work on and I have fallen back in love with crochet for handwork too. Life it good.

And life is also not perfect with pandemic fatigue, small living at home and higher work loads. I am continuing to immerse myself in my crafts and I think many quilters and makers are, too. I have lots of ideas to make for Christmas , upcycle crafts and fall decor. Yes, I got all my pumpkin decorations out and I am in search of a pumpkin spice scented candle to complete the full sensory immersion of fall. The changing of the seasons feels like we have made it through another round of this pandemic.

I have been wondering why Fall seems so important to me. I think it signals the end of summer vacation, no routines and lack of brain power outside of the day job. Fall is back to the grind, getting things done and establishing a new year routine harkening back to my school days. Its cooler and I can get lots of hard work done. It also signals all the fall comforts I love. Football, cozy sweaters, quilts, candles, stews and hygge. We survived another season and can look forward to all the small things that mean we are slowly having a life with more normal moments. Fall is the magical moment of nature changing our trees to glorious colors and before the cold of winter bringing the stark days filled with cough , cold and flu season. Who knows what that will mean with the pandemic happening but I choose to not dwell on it anymore. I am not pretending it isn’t here but I am getting out a bit and seeing friends and family on a small scale. We have traveled outside of our region and tomorrow is a big day trip. We are picking up used equipment to get the home gym set up !

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I am going to get a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks because I haven’t tried one ever. I am seeking all the things that make the days better because they are filled with more normal moments versus the past ones where we were all locked down.

Happy Fall!


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  1. Such a nice post! I can’t wait for fall weather but there are signs of change here with shorter days and falling leaves. We don’t get much color till late October. My excitement and anxiety has been the fires here in CA, one in my very own community that started at a park my son and I often take dinner to, to watch the sunset since it is elevated in our foothills and a very short drive. One of the few things we could do for entertainment during Covid! I was so sad and very disappointed to notice today for the first time since it was clear enough that all the mountains and hills around us are black and bare and I could see where some homes burned down. The fire is still going too. The air quality is horrible and we can’t open windows. So what did I do to cheer up? Quilt store! I am finishing a 25 yr old project! Is that a new record??🤪 A memory quilt for my sister From my Dad’s work shirts I never finished. Got 5 done for Mom and 4 other siblings, 2 more to go. Got a few fun pieces too but 2 new tops done now and realizing I need to budget for backing fabric and batting. An expense I tend to forget.
    And I got a rag quilt done for a very late anniversary present.
    You are amazing with all the quilting jobs! But sounds like the fall has energized you to meet the challenge. Have a wonderful Sunday and hope the work week isn’t too crazy. Mine sure is and I can’t wait to get home to sew and relax. When weather cools down , I will go back to my hand quilt project. Looking forward to your IG posts and pretty pictures! Starbucks lines here are ridiculous so I haven’t been able to go yet. And too hot anyways!! Hope you get to go.
    Your quilting friend, Barb


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