Saturday Morning Coffee

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It is the coldest morning of the season so far, 30 degrees. I remembered to bring in all my succulents for the winter, so now to see if I can keep them alive. Since I brought my plants home from work, I bought several clearance plants to rescue over the pandemic , and I brought my outdoor plants in, I have found that I need to get a over winter space for them. Preferably out of a cold window, and all together so I can put a light on them . I don’t really have that space currently and I am going to need to do a major furniture move to accomplish this. Maybe even buy a plant table for them. IKEA is on my potential places to stop next month since we will be in the neighborhood. Fingers crossed I will have it sorted out by then.

This week I have been fighting a ear/sinus infection. It isn’t a cold. I believe it started out as allergies gone wrong. I have not felt the greatest and so far it is better not cured. Don’t worry, I have meds and this happens often to me. But if you say you are sick during a pandemic everyone freaks out. Please don’t freak out. We all still get sick even when social distancing !

Another week that felt much like the last, ground hogs day over and over lol. I am working on finding ways to make the work day feel it has a beginning, middle and end so I can move on in the evening and feel like I have left work. I have all but the end of the day thing worked out. I have hope that once our garage gym is set up I can do some working out at 5pm. I did that years ago and It felt good to have the workout done before dinner. The rest of the evening can be relaxing then without the nagging thought in the brain that I should have worked out. I am not morning workout person with all the stiffness in the joints.

I made a batch of chili. Got out my shawls because the house feels cool. I put some socks on. Its official, fall is here. I am getting ideas about what to do for Christmas projects and I have made a few decisions. Shhhhhh, secret!

Here is to a great weekend! I hope you are able to enjoy it to its fullest.


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  1. I hope you are feeling much better soon! Some of the smoke cleared here so I was able to enjoy the day with my Mom and we took lunch to the harbor where we could enjoy watching all the boats and other water activities.
    The 5pm workout plan sounds terrific. Especially with no drive to a gym! Take care of yourself and those plant babies and have a good week!


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