Saturday Morning Coffee

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I almost forgot it was Saturday! I have lost track of days and nights to be honest. I have been sick with a sinus/ear infection for about three weeks and I think I may be on the downhill slide. Saw a DR and more meds. I spent most of yesterday in bed listening to my favorite audio book “The Alchemist.” I never go back to bed even when I am sick usually. I hit the sweating point yesterday and maybe just maybe the fever is gone and the rest will leave soon.

I was spending too much time last week contemplating the state of the world and my fears. These are such strange times indeed. The book helped me because the ending is all about fear. So good timing as they say. I am not afraid anymore, I am living my best life. Here , now , pandemic or no. I lay in bed as the sun streamed through the blinds and I was very sick, but very happy. Strange times, indeed.

I did manage to do a couple of things this week. I loaded a big queen/king on the quilting frame and it felt like I had run a marathon. Today I am going to quilt one row on it. I finished the second Jane shawl and I am waiting for yarn to come for another shawl. I rummaged in my stash and found a granny square UFO and I made 4 squares yesterday. It made me feel really accomplished and happy.

I have been sick before but its been years since I have been sick like this and it made me realize how good I have it with my chronic nagging health issues and all. I can still function and do all the things I want to if I set my mind to it. Remember Tahquamenon falls last weekend? I shocked myself with that hike but I can do it. It reminded me that I can do anything I want to if I just take it one step at a time and not get overwhelmed in the middle of all the steps. I need to not get tempted to turn around when it is getting really hard but to keep moving forward. I didn’t miss the best views because I pressed on. Was it all worth it? Depends on the day, last weekend it was totally worth it. It was a perfect day and I was so excited to be there. A few years back, when I went it wasn’t for many reasons including poor weather and safety fears on the steps.

there are about 500 steps like this to see the falls and the gorge for the best views

So today I am going to just going to keep moving forward and listen to only the important things of the heart as the Alchemist says,



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