Saturday Morning Coffee

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Another rainy day here, but I am ok with it. It is October. I have my quilts to work on and nothing that really matters how the weather is. I am working on a new quilt project and I want to use all orphan blocks in it and no sewing any new ones to “coordinate it.” I am not going to over think the collections. I have so many blocks, I have enough for several quilts. I have been thinking about making a true scrap quilt. We will see what the winter brings. Not gonna get too far ahead of myself.

I am finally feeling like I shook that rotten sickness I had. It was NOT Covid for the record. I just had a rotten sinus and ear infection that took weeks to get over. I am starting to add a little exercise to get my strength back , lower the blood sugars and maybe take off a couple of pounds. I am looking to get a cardio machine for the garage gym. Why is it when you have the time to do something and the money to buy it that you cannot find what you want. The supply chain for exercise equipment is totally gone and new equipment is hard to find. Pandemic life. So use what we have and start with body weight exercises and the little hand weights.

I have been trying to not spend too much time on social media because , well, it is not always uplifting. I am trying to not watch the news too much because it is not uplifting. I am trying to not spend too much time thinking about things that are not uplifting. I did a better job at it this week. So to keep my brain on other things I have been listening to more audiobooks and podcasts. I had to dig through my stuff to find my earbuds to do this! It has made all the difference to keep listening to things that are uplifting or a distraction because My Favorite Murders podcast and book may not always be in the uplifting category but I started to listen to them. It’s oddly uplifting actually.

I decided since 2020 is this:


Hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck. A shit show.

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I am throwing out all planners, long term goals for my hobbies and stop pressuring myself. I am focusing on one thing at a time. Keeping up at work, cleaning my house and doing healthy activities. Literally one day at a time and do what my energy levels tell me I can do. I am not going to make any long term plans or really lofty ambitions right now. It just isn’t the time to do anything but self care.

I think I am going to listen to my audiobook “The Alchemist” over and over.

Quilt on !


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