Saturday Morning Coffee

I took the last two weekends off from writing Saturday Morning Coffee. I was able to visit family, friends and pick up supplies that I can’t get at home and would rather pickup in person. It was great to do more normal things and see everyone.

Now it is raining again. Inches of rain this week. The cold , rainy days have not been energizing to my creativity. I have been slowly long arming my Book Shelf Quilt . I did get it off the frame. I had the quilting machine sputter a little during the quilting process and I realized I needed new oil. I am sure that will cure the issues I have been having. I have not been doing much piecing and that’s ok. I tend to longarm more in the fall and winter months. Piecing quilts is more of a spring and summer activity. There is a time and a season for everything as the old song goes.

I have been researching ideas for Christmas gifts. I bought a lovely pattern so I have been crocheting shawls for gifts. I have been trying to make different types of shawl pins for these. I enjoy the slow creative process. There is a lot of research, trial and error as well as figuring out the puzzle.

I have been having so much fun making dinners in the Instant Pot. We have not ate this good in all the years we have been married. My husband bought me a InstantPot cookbook by a YouTuber called Pressure Luck. I have had trouble sourcing some of the spices and other ingredients. I think I will need order some things on Amazon to stock my pantry!

I have a bag of apples from the orchard that need to be made into a tasty treat! Another thing to research! Good thing it is the weekend.


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