Saturday Morning Coffee

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I have spent the past two weeks working on Christmas projects. I have to say that I really have enjoyed working on them. I have more planned on my Cricut for decorations and gifts. I have been sewing fun things. It has energized me and motivated me in a way I haven’t been in several months! When the creative energy arrives, I say go with it!

I also decided that I am taking the week of Thanksgiving off from work. If I were to cancel it, then it would have been the third vacation I would have canceled since the pandemic started. I am taking my days off and enjoying myself. My husband it going deer hunting for the first time in a decade. I think that some well deserved time off to craft and just relax is in order. I am sad about not having a big family gathering this year, I even was going to be able to make it for once but maybe next year.

I am planning some quilt stuff for after the first of the year to get me jump started on quilting and that has me excited. I am working my way through my longarm stack and that has me excited. I am also so excited as I wade through my craft stuff to find things I forgot I had and use them up! I really need to get that room more organized and do a purge on the things I am not going to use, potentially part of my vacation will be spent doing this.

This week I have spent a lot of time being so thankful for the little things. Things like having more than enough food so I can just make what I want. More than enough supplies so I can craft what I want. More than enough that I can share with others.

I have been thankful for the sunlight in November. The heat in the house for warmth and all the quilts I have to snuggle into for additional comfort. I have been happy my houseplants are growing and seem to like the SAD lamp. I have enjoyed my good nights of sleep and feeling refreshed the next day. I have been thankful for friends who keep in touch and family who love me.

It has been a good week that happened to also be quite productive. I am thankful, how very timely for November. Here’s to our time of gratitude and thankfulness, our health and to see the beauty in everyday !



  1. Cute earrings! I’m taking almost all Thanksgiving week off too. I actually think we are headed for another shut down at work which I will definitely be more prepared for this time around. Not the kind of experience I wanted! I’m thankful I have a job when so many don’t right now. But I’m still going into an office every day and my anxiety is growing about that.
    Doing lots of projects to take up the mental energy instead of worrying.
    So glad to hear you are enjoying your Cricut! I still don’t have one but probably will someday so I love hearing all about it and seeing your cute projects.


    • I bought my Cricut with my “quilt money” and it was the best purchase of something that I totally didn’t need. I am so blessed to have the job I have AND be able to work from home, I don’t take that lightly. I think projects are ways for me to take up mental energy too, as well as have something productive to show for it. I can only sit around and watch so much TV LOL


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