It’s gonna be a good day

The first thing I experienced this morning is that my legs are sore. I did a workout last night when I didn’t want to. I was totally mentally wiped out after a very busy Monday. I was exhausted and drained. It wasn’t what you would call a kick butt program but I did some resistance bands and climbed a lot of stairs in my house. I deadlifted 90 pounds once. I am a little sore but not too bad. I can’t wait for the rowing machine to get here. I want to incorporate more movement in each day. Just sitting around living my pandemic life from sewing chair, to office folding chair to my pink upholstered chair is so bad for my health.

I spent my spare moments yesterday making Christmas luminaries. I redecorated the tree with some help from my husband in the light dept. I found more little decorations and sat them about. It feels nearly done. I have scaled back this year and tried to keep the decorating small but having bit impact. I couldn’t deal with pulling out the big tree and all the ornaments. This decorated Norfolk Island pine house plant will do just fine. I decided the glitter cardstock makes fine decorations and gives the house a cleaner more sparkly look. Making something was good for the soul, so was finishing my Christmas decorating. It turned the snowy, grey, heavy Monday around. Click the photos to see all of the pics.

I think today I will make a Christmas bunting. I have wanted one for years and have not done it for myself after making several as gifts. I have some scraps of Holiday fabric and I am going to sew this afternoon. I have a dr checkup after lunch and I took the rest of the day off. I look forward to sewing something so silly and yet will make me so happy!

I am starting to miss the pre pandemic life. During the holidays it was a rush of concerts both to attend or I played in, plus all the gatherings , parties or dinners. Exchanging gifts and sharing good will. Experiencing the magic of the holidays. Some of it I really, really loved and some of it I really, really hated for example small office parties. I will even miss that in 2020 just a little. I won’t take it for granted next year, that is for sure. I think the way to enjoy it the most is a balance of some of the insanity that comes with the holidays with some time of peace and quiet sprinkled in. Maybe that is the secret to enjoying all seasons.

So I woke up from a really good nights sleep, sipped my coffee by the glow of the Christmas lights and rubbed my sore legs. I checked my email and I was reminded that my show Oak Island is on tonight. YouTube is up and I can check in on all my shows. It’s gonna be a really good day today.


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