Saturday Morning Coffee

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Today feels like the perfect day to get a fresh start. To clear the slate, to get back into the routine or to establish a new one. I am going to get into the exercise program I have been wanting to do. I have a light version of cleaning the house I want to implement and daily activities for spiritual growth.

Pretty much the same things that I am always wanting to do. But this Saturday, I want to implement new things for 2021 and get them well underway before New Years Day. I found a YouTube channel that does exercise routines for the rowing machine and the resistance bands. I have found checklists for housekeeping on Pinterest and some spiritual devotionals I want to read.

I have not been thinking about my word for the year. In fact, I needed to go back and look at the word I picked for last year because somewhere along the pandemic I have totally forgotten about it. I am also not going to get hung up on setting goals like I usually do. I just want to improve or maintain things I feel I have a good handle on.

OK , the word for last year was Self-Care. I did spend a lot of time on that. I am thinking I did achieve that goal. I will think more on it before making a decision for 2021.

The week between Christmas and New Year is like a limbo week for me. Short work week this week, then another long weekend before the dreaded month of January hits. It is like a natural pause for the Year in review stuff and planning for next year. What I have learned this year is to take things more a day at a time and when you are experiencing history unfolding before your eyes, you just take it one day at a time and let go of the preconceived ideas of what you should be doing or accomplishing. I think that I am going to take that thought into 2021. One day at a time.

So glad I have a new quilt to keep me focused. SO glad I have yarn to knit dishcloths to keep my hands busy and mind grounded. So glad I have technology to connect me to the outside world as we wait to see what will happen with the pandemic and as snow makes the world a little smaller for a while. I keep reminding myself of all the blessings I have.

Now the coffee is gone, I already have the kitchen cleaned up and the dishwasher is running. I did an inventory of the supplies we need to get from the store. Yep, more coffee is number one on the list!

Off to make a fresh start today!



  1. Oh my that missing word of the year. i can’t even locate where I wrote mine down for 2020. I know that if I have a clear focus I navigate life better. If I can stop myself and think before inflicting myself on others we are all happier people. For 2021 I am going to put MINDFULNESS into my phone so I can be reminded. Mindful about how I use my time, what I say to others and myself, actions I take, how I care for my body. Mindfulness filtered through THINK: is it thoughtful, honest, insightful, necessary, kind?


  2. A few years ago I decided to make a New Year’s resolution to be a better me. Since then I make it every year. It is more of a theme and however I improve is a good thing. This year I will add a quilting goal to this theme. I need to finish past projects but still want to do new projects. For every 2 hours working on new projects I will work a half hour on old projects.


    • I like your goal very much! I also like how you are still working on old projects but allowing yourself to make new ones. I am working on a one word theme but as I formulate a mental framework to work from this year, I am a little stuck. I always look forward to all the things that we each choose to work on this year!


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