Taking some cool classes

I have taken a couple of classes on Zoom this week that were hosted by Michael’s craft store. They are some of the best craft classes I have ever taken and the cure for 2021 problems. I watched an acrylic paint class on making a winter scene with pinecones earlier in the week. Yesterday was a watercolor class for making snowflakes. I was inspired by the class to try to make a snowflake with pen and colored pencils, Zentangle style. I feel I need more practice before I get any paint out. However, I am getting the paints out this weekend and trying both. I have a long weekend off from work and I plan to fill it with some fun activities. I need fun, not all chores and news.

I am finding that just watching the classes live is so therapeutic. I see other people making things, kids take the class too! Its fun to hear dogs barking in the background. Real life is happening out there and people are still inspired to make lovely things. Besides, I need to try something new. Feels like I am in a creative rut. Bonus is I learned a bit about the color wheel, paint techniques and pick up little gems of wisdom each class. This has also inspired me to keep going on the art journal I have started last year and that it isn’t a failure or something dumb to do.

Plus they are my favorite cost. Free. Just my time to watch and learn. After watching the class I can decide to make it or not. Do I want to improvise using things I have on hand or should I go to the store and pick up supplies? I usually opt for making do unless it is a critical supply.

Take a class! I have found free college level classes for continuing education for my job, too. I know there have been free concert series online. I keep searching. It may be a long winter for many reasons but the pandemic and the change in the President are two of the biggest reasons. And did I mention that I live on the 45th parallel and we get hardly any sun all winter? Yeah, that’s a grind in itself.

I am really excited to make new things, try new techniques and explore other crafts. Creativity needs to be exercised and it will grow. I could sure use some creativity after what feels like a year of a dry spell.

be creative,



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