My home craft retreat is over and is was both wonderful as well as therapeutic . I am feeling more Zen and balanced. I did so many things and that felt amazing. I posted the crafts I did on Instagram as well as blogged for Our Creative Souls.

The best friends quilt is on the frame and I think that I will have it done and bound this week. I am so thrilled to be on schedule with the mail being slow and all. I made a TikTok about the quilts journey to the quilt frame. I love TikTok.

I did try the paintings that I took classes for. Not great results but I loved doing it. So more practice and maybe my results will look more like what it is supposed to be. The process taught me a lot and I really found it to be relaxing. I have lots of paint and I need a few more brushes to get to practicing!

Photo by Anni Roenkae on

The long weekend was also the countdown to the presidential Inauguration. I am so glad that no more violence has been part of the fabric of our lives since the Insurrection. I feel more calm and hopeful that we can have a peaceful transfer of power today. I watched the President Elect do a national memorial service for the over 400,000 people who have died due to the Coronavirus during this pandemic. That number is staggering. It was a very touching moment when the lights turned on at the reflecting pool. The sun was setting on the pool before they started. Sun setting on the current President and the light of hope for another. The collective moment of grieving nationally was felt as we have all lost someone we know to the virus and many were not able to have any type of funeral. I thought this was very appropriate.

I will have the news on today. I am going to watch history unfold before my eyes again. I am clinging to hope for 2021 and maybe we can all find it somewhere, somehow as we all are literally doing this together while we are each in our own homes riding this pandemic out, as we watch was is going to happen next in leadership and find ways to cope with our lives forever changed.


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