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January 2021 feels weird. I am finding that not leaving home much except to get food and essentials, with an occasional trip to Goodwill or Salvation army , very strange. I didn’t have as much issue last year when the working from home started because it was spring. I could get out and go for a quick walk for a change of scenery. I could sit in the garden and get my hands dirty at times. I could watch the wildife, listen to the wind and commune with the fairies in the garden. This year I feel like an old lady constantly looking out of my window to see if it is snowing or if there are birds at the feeder. And maybe to spy on my neighbors because well, what else is there to do. Winter doldrums, the cabin fever, the seasonal blechs have officially set in,

I do get out in the home gym about 4 times last week. I want to step it up to daily. I have been really busy doing crafts, online craft classes and quilting. That has been super fun. I am down to the last 2 customer quilts and I am going to get my quilts all done. I am feeling really happy about that.

Now that football season is over, I don’t have much interest in TV. Old Time Teams shows thank goodness are online and YouTube still has some interesting content. I am starting to get how the extroverts felt last year about being home. I do love working from home but I miss getting out.

We were dreaming the other day about what would we do first when it is safe to engage in “high risk” activities or a “when the pandemic is over” game. Kinda like the old “if we won the lottery” game. Take a trip. See family. Go to the Grand Canyon. Eat out and get a fantastic steak. Go to a museum. Lose money in a casino? Go to a summer festival with music. Compete, for my husband, in Highlands games and I would watch. Go to a beer tent at the Highland festival. International travel to York, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Maybe by the fall or next winter we can do one or two of these things. Start small and all that.

I get the second Covid vaccine next week. I am not looking forward to it. I think I am really going to be sick. I felt under the weather for a week with the first one, the second will probably be worse because my body is already sensitized to it. I keep telling myself it will be all worth it. I sure hope so.

Good news is that today is Thursday. The weekend is close. I need to make a list of what I want to get done before Monday to keep me on track and not hibernating under a warm quilt because it is darn cold out.

To Thursday! To getting things done! To exercise in the home gym! To work! To crafts!



  1. Back in March 2020, my attitude was different I really don’t mind being home and I have a lot to keep me busy. We live on a wonderful one country road that affords me wonderful long walks that help restore my peace of mind. The summer was nice and we even managed a little getaway. Fall and early winter was more challenging with a health scare for my Dad and other family members needing help…pulling me out of my safe cocoon.
    2021 has been busy with assisting family…that’s my stage of life I guess…and despite being in a lockdown life is busier than ever. Add to that our cold and long winter…. I am doing my best to stay positive, the January full moon is finished and February is just around the corner…


    • I am with you, the changes that came last year I took in stride and learned I enjoyed working from home and walking about the neighborhood in the warm months. With the winter, it has been different for me too. I finally have the indoor home gym of my dreams so that’s a good thing. I also think that having so little contact with the outside world does get to you after a while and not seeing my friends and family is so hard. Once we get through January things normally get better in the winter months and this year is no exception. I jumped in on a couple quilt alongs, am getting a exercise routine and I am making a point to call or video chat with my friends and family. Unfortunately, I have had those in my life get sick too and I can’t even go see them. However, with today’s post I have decided to get disciplined!


  2. It’s so true, working on our self and mental health is a full time job! I am feeling better just writing this and today I am doing more to feel better. Pressing quilts , making binding, loom knitting, cleaning etc. Some days it’s harder than others


  3. Oh, Woe. My mother-in-law had a cat that didn’t meow. He cried OH, WOE WOE WOE constantly. I had to stop myself from getting the binoculars yesterday so I could spy on the neighbors. Probably they would be looking back at me! Mentally punished myself and cleaned ceiling fans and cobwebs from our great room. Step ladder and a 12′ vacuum extension for the reach. Today back to the basement for sorting and making a pile for donations. I AM A FULL-TIME JOB.


  4. These times are hard on all of us. Just keep doing what you are doing, one day at a time. Maybe you won’t have an issue with the vaccine this time, Glad you are able to stay focused. Keep plugging along and you just may be able to all you have thought about doing before long.


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