Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Photo by David Gonzales on

I made a discovery that my favorite British Gardener is on Amazon Prime. Monty Don! He has several shows and I am starting to watch 5 seasons of my favorites Big Dreams, Small Spaces. I have learned so much about gardening and as the temperatures plummet at night and the snow falls, I dream of my Big Dreams for my Small Space garden. We did so much work last year because the neighbor removed all of the trees and vegetation on my back property line as well as destroyed over half of my garden. Remember? I cannot forget.

I am ready to add more plants, give my cottage style magical fairy garden a little more pizzazz and make more lemonade out of the lemons that were handed to me last summer. We plated 4 Cedar trees late summer and I am hoping they make it over winter. I was mentally taking inventory of the plants I have and what I would love to add to the garden. What I would love to do for next year. I am at the brainstorming sessions with everything on the table. However, I have a limited amount of space, manpower and money. I think a small water feature with aquatic plants on my patio would be gorgeous. I saw a few at the nursery last summer. I have found a ton at Wayfair’s website too.

I am really getting the urge to garden today. I am trying to keep my house plants alive until warmer weather. I moved them to a warmer spot in my house away from cold drafts. I am trying not to overwater them and put a little light on them. I saw a Chinese Money plant at the grocery store last weekend. I may go there today to see if there are any left. I think I can bag it up enough to protect it from the cold to survive a trip home. A perfect way to celebrate Chinese New Year on Friday!

Happy Dreaming today!


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