a day of sunshine

Photo by Secret Garden on Pexels.com

The morning is very cold, 3 degrees F, but it is sunny. Very much like the day 35 years ago when we got married. I have to say that I have no idea where the last 35 years went except we have been living a fantastic life. Oh sure it is full of ups and a few downs, here and there. But what fairy tale doesn’t have the roller coaster? Life would be very boring and totally not authentic without the downs with the ups. It is how you come together as a team, a partnership that makes it meaningful. That’s the only marriage advice I will ever give because there is no secret. Hard work, coming together with a single vision or purpose is what I think is the key.

I have to say that the sun has made the day special already. We plan to go out this afternoon and look at nature much as we have done over the past 35 years. We will have a special meal at home since the restaurants are packed , they just opened to 25% during the pandemic. I made a Valentines special meal of roast last night and I can say cooking is not my forte. Today I think we will have a stir fry. We don’t make it often and that will make it very special.

I have been thinking about rituals a lot lately and I think that they are pretty cool now that I am older. I see the need for them and a way to mark time as well as the special occasions. The pandemic has made things a little weird over the past year but I am throwing myself into rituals this year. I get them now. I encourage everyone to participate in them as your time, energy and resources allow. Pandemic or not, staying home or getting out, we can still pause and mark days with special meaning by doing special things. Here’s to another wonderful year of being married, and to many more to come.



  1. Congratulations and thanks for the good advice! Had 43–almost 44 years with my husband before his death and you nailed it. Sometimes it’s hard, but the common goals and faith make it all worthwhile..


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