Saturday Morning Coffee

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Glorious sunshine is streaming through the windows and it is a nippy 17 degrees. While I was getting my coffee, I saw a pair of Blue Jays on the feeder. It makes me happy that a few more birds are starting to come to the feeders. The big melt is continuing and I can see my garden now. I am guessing what plants were put where last summer. I even starting to look at my pictures from last season for reference. I have a few plants to put in that overwintered in pots plus we want to sow some wildflower seeds to finish the border with a properly wild patch. I think the birds, bugs and other wildlife will enjoy the wildflowers.

I think today we will go for a little ride in the country. If it warms up to 50 like the forecast , without gale force winds, a little walk. No big plans. I have been been hand sewing, watching old Gardener’s World shows and dreaming of spring. I have always enjoyed my garden but not like the past year. The pandemic lockdowns of last year did have one positive thing happen. I had nothing but time to spend on my garden. I do enjoy it immensely and my motivation to work on it really hard is from May to about the 4th of July. After that, I let it grow with a little weeding and just enjoy it as it matures. I have a lot more time on my hands to spend in the soil, with gloves on, and literally be grounded.

My sewing is slow stitching mostly. I have burned myself out on machine sewing. It also has a gardening theme. I love how they are turning out ! Bee themed hexies! I have lots of the hexies prepped and off I am sewing flowers. Super relaxing and just the calming salve for the creative in me. And I can do both hand stitch hexies and watch gardener’s world at the same time. Heaven

This week I have been working on the rituals of what I do first thing in the morning a coffee ritual and before I go to bed hand stitching ritual. I have a weekly ritual of summarizing the week in a journal. I have a weekly ritual of dreaming of what I would love to do for the next week. I think it is helping me not have a 2021 Groundhog’s Day type of year and I cannot believe St Patrick’s Day is this week! I have my decorations out already and may make more.

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Enjoy your weekend. May it be full of time to relax and dream,


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