Doodles and Fmq

I love making doodles. I have always doodled on papers during class, on the bulletins at church and as an adult I take my sketch pad and a good pen for a conference. It is my meeting survival kit!

It is also a place where I can practice some forms for free motion quilting. I have done some recent doodles or Zentangles on Batik fabric as you will see above. I like to use freezer paper ironed on the back of the fabric to stiffen up the fabric a little. I think I will make something out of these blocks but I am not sure yet what the end product will be. Overall, the Zentangle method is about meditation while making the repeated shapes and that is a well needed bonus!

I have been free motion quilting up a storm for the last several months and I am working on my own quilts currently not customer quilts. Now is the time to practice new shapes and new ideas without any risk on a quilt. So far I have done swirls and a flower with leaf pattern. I think I want to practice an all over feather next.

Free motion quilting takes time and always practicing! Quilt on!


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