Focusing on things I love

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This week I have been focusing on the things I am loving right now. I have finally turned the corner on having an ear infection and I think I am feeling better. Only time will tell today once I am up and moving about for a few more hours. I haven’t been doing much and I have called off from work a couple of days to rest up.

What I am loving right now is British Television. We are Watching Time Team, Gardener’s World and Secret Scotland with Susan Calman. Secret Scotland is a show where the hostess travels all over Scotland and gets behind the scenes tours of some really great destinations. Places I would love to go once the lockdowns are over. All are wonderful shows. I am going to keep scouring YouTube to find more shows. I have liked several shows that were garden makeover shows in the past so I am going to look for more of them, too.

I have been loving getting some extra sleep without guilt. Being much more relaxed about the things I choose to do and make them more meditative. Hand stitching, a short walk around the neighborhood for a little fresh air and sunshine, repotting the plants. I decided instead of one big yard and garden clean up I am doing a few things a day. One day I spent picking up trash in the yard. Yesterday I picked up a few blown down sticks and branches. Then I decided if all I did for the next week was go out and chop off one or two stalks from last years growth in the garden it would be job done before I know it. And since I did it in a slow methodical way I would get all the aches and pains from it. Especially the ear and face pain from bending over that has been such an issue this past week. All things I did when I was feeling up to it and if it took too much out of me I stopped, rested and had a cuppa.

I have spent a lot of time talking to friends and family on the phone just chatting about all the things we love like quilting, gardening, vacations, and catching up. It has been really wonderful.

I feel like today is a day where I need to start getting back to the real world but I think that what I just described was it. I don’t think I am gonna leave the world I just described and there is no need to take up the mental strain of the rat race again. Stay Zen.

We are definitely getting closer to the weekend!


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