Saturday Morning Coffee

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The picture has me laughing because I am not a morning person on Saturday. I usually get up then think, why should I be up at 530? Then I go back to bed till about 8. There is something so wonderful about not having to adult at 530 am on the weekends. I tend to lay around in my PJs drinking coffee till 10. Sometimes, I will do a few chores before 10 and my rule is strict I have to be showered and dressed by 11. Ok, noon if I am working on something.

I like the feeling that I used to have watching Saturday morning cartoons , eating breakfast and just laying around on the weekends. I have had that luxury over the past year because we did not have to be at a festival at 7 am on a Saturday for Highland games due to the pandemic. There are a few games on my husband’s calendar this summer but I am not so sure how many I will go to this year. Not all of them, like I used to. I need the extra rest and he needs the time to socialize with his friends without me being utterly exhausted saying , let’s go, I need a comfy chair and a snack. And away from all these people.

I need more rest now that I am in my 50s and I have to ride the energy when it shows up these day. Maybe when I was younger it wasn’t a matter of really having more energy but having less time to myself so I went like a madwoman trying to get things done in a short period of time. I am ok with slowing down. I have a garden to putter in and hand sew hexies in when the weather gets nicer. In the meantime, I have my little pink chair and a quilt to sit under and sip my coffee.

I noticed all the garden’s on Gardener’s World have a name. I really don’t like naming inanimate objects like my car or sewing machine. But a garden is a place that is a living thing. Maybe after living here 20 years I should name it. I will have to ponder that thought.

Today’s plan is to take a trip to a bigger city and look at a drone and makeup. The drone for fun. The makeup as part of my re entry into society plan. I need to probably start doing my hair and makeup again however, it is going to be back to a minimal more natural look. I have decided I don’t like fussing with hair and makeup. 5 min face look is what I want and I need products that do more than one function. The technology in makeup and skin care has some a long way and I plan to take advantage of that to streamline my day.

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Happy Saturday!


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