Saturday Morning Coffee

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I am happy to say that I had a darn near perfect week. I had a nice steady pace at the day job vs. feeling like I had to move at break neck speed all week. I was able to work on my Dear jane quilt. I did some hand stitching. Overall, a lovely week with no nagging chores that were hanging over me to squeeze in.

However, this was a week where my middle ear disease called Meniere’s disease decided to show up. I have vertigo and balance problems when this happens. I have to carefully plan out my movements so I don’t fall. I also find several things can trigger it but once it is a full blown event not much helps but a little medication I take to help with the symptoms.

I have had this over the course of my life so it isn’t anything new. First full blown episode was in my teens. What is helpful is that I know what it is. It has a name and medical diagnosis. There is, unfortunately only symptomatic treatment for it and then it means I have to alter my life a little during a flare up. There is no cure and nothing really stops it from showing up periodically. I have to not do things that could be unsafe like run a sewing machine, rotary cutter or do heavy exercises with lots of head movements. So it was a week of literally keeping my balance. The worst of it stuck around for about a week and it has started to lift. Super slowly, But it is still there in the background and may be for months, a low level of off balance , very loud ringing in my ears and pressure in my ear. I can’t hear well and the TV is turned up a little louder. I also depend on lip reading and that is something I can’t do well during the pandemic because everyone is wearing masks. The word of the week was adapt.

I did have to ask a friend for help for the first time in a very long time. I have an appointment next week and driving is not good when I feel woozy. The vertigo still comes and goes so I asked my friend if she could help me drive to this appointment . It’s a little thing that will be nice to chat in the car for a couple of hours. Maybe we can pick up a lunch to go. My friend has known me for a long time and is very aware of my vertigo and had no problem with helping me out. So a little outing to look forward to instead of dreading.

I started to feel well enough that I decided I need to try to sew one seam as I can each day. I moved at super slo mo speed but I did finish the Dear Jane block. I do things when I have the balance and the creative flow to do it. I can’t force it or it is all a total waste of time.

Life lesson don’t force things to happen or it won’t turn out. Ask for some help when you need it and let your body heal because there will be more opportunities to make things once you are well. Observe your environment because when you slow down you can see how beautiful the ordinary is.


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