Saturday Morning Coffee

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I had a pretty exciting week because I went to another town for a doctor’s appointment. I wasn’t feeling my balance was good enough to drive an hour and navigate all the traffic , so my friend drove me. She took me to several thrift shops and a quilt shop I haven’t been to in years. I even got to check out Costco with her as she needed a few things and we have always been on the fence about a membership due to the drive there.

The small outing inspired me somehow. I noticed all the things during this adventure out because it has been a long time. I noticed the colors of all the hotels on the waterfront. I saw some historic houses I have not noticed before and how adorable they are. I was able to enjoy shopping and being around a few folks didn’t bother me. I chatted it up with the quilt shop owner about how well the store is and how their son was coming to take things over. I noticed the pigeons looking in the window while my doctor was talking to me about my appointment and I nearly burst out laughing because they were peeking in and bobbing their heads like birds do. As if they were weighing in on the conversation.

I felt like I wanted to sew. I wanted to draw. I could see the need to take a little more time to tidy up the house so I have more room to move, breathe and create in once I returned home. I had not forgotten how to interact with people and how to behave in public.

I am excited about this spring and summer even though I have to go back to the office full time by the end of the month. I have plane tickets purchased to see my daughter and her family in July. I have a few classes I am going to take with my friend planned at an art studio. It will be time to get a drink or a coffee with my close friends. Quilt group did get together but it was during my work day, maybe next time.

There are signs of normal life out there and I feel like leaving home after so many months during the pandemic has made me experience it in technicolor. I can’t wait to see the spring flowers bloom and the leaves on trees. I want to see the flowering trees bloom. It has been a long drawn out black and white world this winter and even a little more greys to it with the pandemic. I am so enjoying the spring that is bursting forth.

I am going to get out and stroll the neighborhood today if it really warms up to 65!

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