Saturday Morning Coffee

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There seems to be nothing but change happening at work these days. More and more people leaving, new people starting and the rest of us to keep things going. Its a very strange time and it just leads me to a space where I want to know what happens next, lol! Time will tell.

I have started to feel better after the cold I have had for a couple of weeks. I hope to record a podcast soon. I have been able to work on long arming which I love to do. I have been sewing a Bats and Boos free Halloween quilt from Fat Quarter shop and it is very cute! The temperatures have cooled off and that means it is binding season so much of my hand work has been devoted to getting the stack of quilts hand bound.

The routine is in place and things are getting done. That makes me feel good! I have a quilt class and work shop next week so I have done some prep and practicing for that. It has been a while since I taught a class so I hope it is like riding a bike. I am nervously excited about it! I need to pick the quilts to take for the trunk show. I have my slide show ready and now I just need to practice it a little more. I am more than a little excited. Guess what lecture they picked? How to make quilts in 15 min a day. YAY, I hope to share why this works so well and I get a few converts!

I am thinking about doing more of these lectures as Zoom classes because travel is hard, expensive and risky with Covid. I love teaching so maybe this is an idea I can develop. I am not sure where to take this but we will see how the class and lecture goes next week. I would need to photograph my quilts for a slide show, that would be the only thing to do before I took it on the road virtually.

I am missing my fairy garden outside so I am starting to make some for in my house. I have started one that fits in a little box. I have not decided if I want it to have artificial lighting or natural lighting. I am learning so much in making miniature worlds!

Wish me luck on finding toilet paper on my trip to Costco today!


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