I Taught a Class!

Yesterday I did a class and lecture for a small quilt guild. I had the best time. I was a little nervous because I haven’t done anything like this for at least 2 years! I did a lecture about Making quilts in 15 min a day and showed my quilts while speaking as a trunk show. Then in the afternoon we did a quilt workshop where we made my Arrows quilt: lhttps://my.modafabrics.com/2017/08/arrows-quilt-plus-a-bonus.html Here is the link to Moda Bake shop pattern. I wrote this pattern in 2017. It was like meeting an old friend again to work with this quilt.

I was curious what this quilt would look like when other people made it using their fabric choices and it being different colors. It was a delightful day with some wonderful people. I am so glad I had the chance to teach this class and speak!

Here are the students blocks! They did such a good job!

I am really happy that everyone was able to make the blocks and that they enjoyed the time spent making the Arrows quilt , plus the bonus blocks.

I hope to do more lectures and classes in the future. I am exploring Zoom as an option for me because then I wouldn’t have to travel and take time off from work.

I was so inspired by the class that I want to make this quilt again in different colorways and play with making a variation of this quilt.

But today is Self Care Sunday and this is what I spent some time doing as a creative experiment:

Quilt on!


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