Saturday Morning Coffee

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Vacation was wonderful. We had lovely weather and we went on a little adventure every day with the kids. We went on nature hikes , the zoo, Botanical gardens, the pumpkin patch , the Aquarium and had a great time. It was a wonderful time to be with our daughter and her husband and we watched the movie Dune. I loved it. If you want to see the pictures of the vacation then you can go to my Instagram feed :

But all vacations must come to an end. I have had a nice week to get back into work. I have wonderful co workers who covered for me so I didn’t have tons of catching up to do. I have a slower week next week so it will be the time to work on a huge project that I have been putting off for months and its moving from one web site to another that requires re registering 100 accounts to it. I believe that it will just be tedious but not hard to do.

The jolt of returning home was the change in weather. We were in 75 degrees and sun to the darkness of October in Michigan. We missed the first snowflakes on vacation. This past week we had gray and 45 most of the week. Yesterday it was foggy and drizzly all day. So that was a reality check. It is officially the fall and hygge season because the fall gloomy season is here.

I have been struggling to get a podcast recorded. I am going to start again this weekend. I have been sewing a lot. I took a 2 part class on becoming a better scrap quilter. I watched the first class on the repeat and then spent the week doing my homework. Today is part 2. I am so excited. I learned so much already and hope to be able to use up the stash I have here with the new skills.

I have to say that seeing my family over the past month as well as going on some outdoor and little adventures has been the cure for the pandemic fatigue I was in. I needed to get out of my little small world and see others. Go places and be inspired. See some art in a museum, see nature in a new way I hiked with my hiking poles! I felt my body get stronger and my mind stretched and inspired. I need to use up all my vacation days each year is my conclusion. I also need to get out and be a tourist. It was great to be stress free and see things through the eyes of a child again.

The plan I have now that I am home is to get my Flylady system out for housekeeping and I am going to work on the housekeeping. This post that Diane in Denmark has a lovely chart of getting things done in 15 min a day. Click on it and swipe the photos to see it.

I am really excited to be planning my quilting projects and knitting. I am also doing more exercise and cooking meals. I highly recommend people taking vacations , getting away if possible, and enjoying themselves.

Off to get my chores done before my Scrap class with Stashbandit. I am also scheduled to get my flu and Covid booster this morning.

Be Creative and Quilt on!



  1. I’m so glad you were able to get away! Time with grandchildren is the best! And thank you for linking to my website—much appreciated! 😊


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