Saturday Morning Coffee Happy New Year edition

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Happy New Year! I did stay up late enough last night to usher out the old year and welcome the new. I saw the ball drop in Times Square on TV after listening to Journey play a set. I had a fantastic NYE watching football and snacking. Michigan lost but it was a great day at home. I even did a FB live sewing my Nordic star quilt block. I had some folks join me and you can watch it here:

Things are going to be different around here and today is the day I choose to start some new habits. Getting back into my garage gym is happening today. Eating healthier. It is all about small slow and steady changes. I have not gained weight at all but I haven’t lost any. I want to come out of this pandemic stronger than I went in. That means physically and mentally. So, the physical is easy get working out and get moving.

Mentally, I am shifting my goal oriented yearly planning today. I am using a Silk+Sonder journal that focuses more on our mental health vs goals and passions. I am not picking a word for the year. I am not making a list of what I what to accomplish or get done or organize or anything like that. I am going to start engaging in what I am calling self-care practices. The ultimate goal it so just sit and realize that even in the middle of the pandemic, work or life changes, I am living my best lift right here, right now. I really am. I am taking this year to work on being in better mental health and that means effort to work on taking better care of myself. Slow down and smell the coffee so to speak. Spend time, slow stitching, take the scenic route when possible, sip a cuppa and not multi task, talk to everyone I can with my full attention and just sit and feel what I am going thru then let it go so I can be present in every precious moment given to me . This is different from my productivity oriented achievement goals.

2021 was one of the longest and strangest year I have lived through, right behind the most unusual and unprecedented year of 2020. 2022- I am not having any expectations that the pandemic will suddenly be gone and I expect that things won’t change much. But, I will have changes and be changed from it. I am going to be stronger and more resilient. I am going to live my best life each day, fully present and loving who I am with as well as what I am doing.

In honor of the New Year, I started a granny square marathon last evening. I have started up my Zentangle medication practice. I am going where the creative spirit moves me. I am not taking in many quilts this next year, a few but not many. I am feeling so happy and creatively content right now. I have decided that after years of packing in a side hustle and full time work, I am not hustling any more. What ever flows into my life is ok but I am not pushing all the time to make things happen.

I am looking forward to coming out of this year and pandemic stronger than I went it. 2022, welcome. I expect this to be a year of taking the best care of myself than I ever have and success won’t always be something that you can see from the outside.

Happy New Year all!



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