Saturday Morning Coffee

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The snow is falling steadily outside my windows then occasionally a big swirling of the winds happens and the snow all changes direction. I am sitting in my little pink chair staying warm with my coffee and laptop. This week I just got things done, I mean I really banged out the work. I made it through the short work week after I enjoyed a long weekend of much needed rest and then as quickly as last weekend passed, the work week went by. I am here on Saturday morning already. Winter is still here, the snow is falling and most of the days are grey, but we were blessed with some Sun breaking through this week offering the hope of warmer days.

It is time of the January’s. The time when nothing sounds like a good thing to do. The house is boring, and I want to throw it all out and get new. We think of vacations. We dream wild and crazy dreams. There is little interesting on TV but were finding some things like the Book of Boba Fett on Disney. The diet is broken, and we went to get wings and beer on Friday night. Our usual socials things are still on hold like hockey games, museums, super bowl parties and seeing friends and family. The Januarys. Cabin Fever. Winter blues. It has many names, and it has many faces, but it can catch me unprepared even when I know it comes to visit annually.

In spite of the Januarys, I did get a quilt off the long arm frame. I pressed a second quilt to go on soon. I have made huge gains on the crochet granny square cardigan and did a Zentangle or two. But to break the monotony and the Januarys, I want to do something new today. I don’t know what it is yet, but I am looking at what I have on hand and maybe it will be a couple of new things. It’s that kind of weekend. The decks have been swept clear on piecing projects and I may sort fabric to start new. I have a couple of inspirations from Instagram that I may follow for a quilt project. I may get my watercolors out and play with color mixing and doodle. I may do the next Zentangle lesson in my book. I think I will get my old piano books out and plink on the keys of my piano. I may wander through the craft store looking at material to start my miniature indoor fairy world. All of these things are part of the perfect remedy for the Januarys. Start something new and stretch the imagination. Then get some exercise to ponder these ideas, go out and really breathe some fresh crisp January air as you think about your projects and dream …. then go do it.

The whole week felt like the most January of January’s until a friend stopped by yesterday to drop off a quilt ruler she borrowed for a project that she has the January’s about too. But she gave me this:

And somehow in the sunshine of the afternoon on Friday, this bouquet of Gerba Daisies changed everything.

Hope springs eternal

Thank you dear friend for the reminder!


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