Saturday Morning Coffee

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As I sit and drink my coffee and eat my yogurt, I keep thinking about last week when I bought the yogurt. The cashier asked me “do you feel fancy eating your yogurt out of a glass jar? ”

I laughed and said no. I then talked about collecting the special prints, the usefulness of the little jars, the lids you can buy and just how overall the yogurt is good and the empty jars even better. Those perfectly useful, beautiful little jars. I can honestly say I collect the limited-edition prints. I never thought I would be as obsessed about this glassware as I much as I am.

my jars lit up at winter solstice

It was an odd and awkward conversation that has stuck with me over a week. I don’t know why. The cashier was being odd and awkward, and I then was being odd and awkward talking about my obsession of the jars. Since winter solstice all of my jars are in my kitchen lining the windowsill. They are empty now but had tealights in them. I think I want to fill them with something like fake plants, but they are perfect as they are. My plants go on that sill in warm weather and for now my floral printed jars make me super happy where they sit.

I was feeling a series of emotion about those damn jars. Like I am a grown woman why do I need to keep these jars? Why did I feel so defensive about them? I even told her I was on a hunt, and sent family members on a hunt, for the elusive lavender flower last year. I thought maybe I should let them go because they aren’t really worth anything. They don’t hold much so their practical use is limited. I do have to dust them or store them like one does with all collectables and things we like to keep.

Then I decided that I have a French Yogurt jar theme in my kitchen decor. See that is my house, just a collection of curious things I find interesting, useful and most of all beautiful. No curated theme, no style that fits all my furniture, just an odd assortment of things that I think are cool.

Do I feel fancy? No way just an ordinary middle-aged person who has a little spare money to buy yogurt in a glass jar, vs the cheap icky yogurt in the plastic cup, because I find them something beautiful to keep when I am done with their original purpose.

And I really do like the yogurt!



  1. I live in Louisiana and the Cajuns down her use the word “lagniappe.” Pronounced “lan’yap” – it’s a French word that means a little something extra, a little more than you expected. I love the little glass jars. They’re just lagniappe. And, maybe the yogurt does taste better out of a jar. I mean everyone knows Coke tastes better out of a bottle.


  2. My daughter bought some kind of dessert from Costco in little glass cups, and was going to throw them out. Now I have 6 little cups in my cupboard for which I have no use. They aren’t even decorated like your yogurt jars! But, I understand completely why you buy and save them. (PS She has a Cricut, and I think I will ask her to make some pretty stickers for the cups and put tea lights in them)


    • I love glass! I think that the miniature size appeals to me. Tealights are so pretty and you may find many other uses, too. I decided that it’s ok to like odd things and keep them!! I have a wide assortment of these kind of thing ,lol!


  3. That made me chuckle! Yes, sometimes we do things because we just want to! There doesn’t have to any other reason. I like the idea of the tea lights in them. Very hygge!


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