Saturday Morning Coffee

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The Plow truck grinding through the snow and ice on my street, woke me up at 530. By 6 on the second pass by my house I decided it was time to get up. I always have dreams of sleeping in to 9 on a Saturday morning but it never happens even if I stay up late these days. But that’s ok. Its 730 now, I have the kitchen cleaned up and fresh coffee made. The plow trucks are still driving by and now the smaller trucks are clearing out driveways and parking lots near our home. The sounds of winter. It didn’t really snow much last night, but it has been snowing for a couple of days and there was a little ice at some point. I think the plow truck people need some cash because we really haven’t had our usual winter snowfall. We currently have had 78 inches of snow and our season normal is usually closer to 110 by February and 140 inches overall per the national weather service. Did I mention after being 45 degrees yesterday for a few hours it is now 0?

All that to say my spring fever needs to get in check. I have been wishing I could go to the garden shows planned downstate next month. I hope we aren’t in a Covid surge because I would be tempted to go. I have to say watching Monty Don’s spring bulbs starting to grow in England has me dreaming of sunshine and plants.

It too cold to go to Lowe’s to replace the three plants I lost so far this winter. I bought those at the grocery store so I am not surprised they didn’t make it. I also did not buy the grow light I was thinking about buying last year for winter, I will have one by next winter. I have a plethera of plants gifted to me that are at the office but they are doing so well there, I think they are going to stay there until spring when they will need transplanting.

So today, I may start another project. A ridiculous project or two actually. I saw that the floral bouquets given to the Medal winners at the Olympics this year are not fresh flowers but in fact crocheted wool bouquets. I thought that was an amazing idea. Then Micheal’s posted a free pattern to crochet! I have yarn scraps to try it out and I think that may be my weekend project!

I also hear that spring Fairy garden stuff is at some Dollar Tree stores so I want to get some miniatures for some new fairy gardens! I could make a spring wreath also from Dollar Tree supplies and have that ready for the seasonal change out of my decor in March or so.

I have a plans for this weekend to keep me busy while I stay warm, watch sports and be a homebody. I also am looking forward to next weekend because I have a 4 day long weekend off! I will continue making the crochet bouquet I am sure.


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