Saturday Morning Coffee

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The nights have been cool and the days a little cooler. I have been loving it however, the 90s will be back this week and more dog days of summer will be upon us. We have had some rain and wind. I did go check the garden last night and the plants were very dry so I watered them a little and hope they will perk up today.

I have been back to the office and feeling pretty good overall. I am going to start more Covid rehab this week. I am doing my own plan of stretches, deep breathing exercises, smell training, and slowly increasing my endurance by slowly increasing activity for the body. Doing more puzzles, crafts and sewing for the brain. The gains I had made with strength seem to be back, but the smell /taste is gone. I still get really tired. It is frustrating that there is still no real information for Covid and long haulers. I did find a virtual long haul support group through my local medical system and that meets this week. This is for the mind. I have decided since no one can really tell me what to do to get better, I will do like I always do, I will figure it out and do what’s best for me.

I have been keeping up on the Great Granny Squared along. I finished the cross-stitch piece and made a bookmark. I crocheted 14 three-inch grannies with the left over pearle cotton. I am hoping to get 16 and make a little doll blanket. I have 10 Granny square quilt blocks made. So halfway on the piecing.

I have really become smitten with Lori Holt’s fabrics of which I need to get some, patterns and cross stitch. I decided that I want to buy her yarn or what she calls 100% cotton chunky thread to crochet more multicolored grannies. I think I need a cardigan of many colors. I am not happy with the grannies I made last winter for a cardigan, so I am thinking about making something else with them.

All in all, it has been a good week. I have been indulging in watching Shark Week on Discovery as I do annually. It’s a tradition that goes back many years and I enjoy it.

I wanted a summer of slow living and I have been enjoying that. I have been savoring each ray of sunshine. I have ate fantastic fresh foods from Home Chef. I have taken a few slow drives into the forests to observe nature. I even planted a few sunflower seeds and I have 2 plants that are growing in the garden from those seeds. Slow living is about not taking what you have for granted. It’s observing and experiencing your life in a slow, deep and appreciative way. I do like living my life this way and not constant hustle. Some people take slow living a step further and become minimalists. I like having things, but I don’t need the rat race to acquire many status things. Some also become organic only eaters, I try to eat healthy, but I can’t afford all organic as some slow movement people do. It has taken me a while to realize that like so many things, you take what works for you from the Slow Movement and make that part of your life. No right way or wrong way.

Saturday is here and I am going to linger over some morning coffee. I may not even get dressed until this afternoon which I never do that but feel today may be a first. A nice day to work on getting full healed up from Covid and the work week.


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  1. Glad to hear you are doing better. I love your concept of slow living. I myself am a real homebody and find I only go out for my Monday quilting group and if I have errands to run. Some weeks I just have my Monday outing and the rest of the time I stay home. I adopted the words lonely and bored are not in my vocabulary!!!


    • Thank you!! So far our air conditioning unit is working, yay!! I am starting to feel better and I even picked up a wip or two this week and worked on them. The house and garden had a minute or two of attention as well. I feel the fog is lifting !


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