Monday Morning

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Mondays are always tough to get the routine going. I like the leisurely morning of the weekend and even if we aren’t home, we usually sleep in a linger a bit over breakfast. Today is no different. I am boiling water for the French Press to make some coffee and thinking I really would like to just be home today but work is a necessity, so I am going to get myself ready shortly.

We had a highland game rained out halfway through and it was so bad I never got out of the car. But my husband won first in his age group! We celebrated with a Candado taco dinner. Then I went to Micheal’s and bought an autumnal bunting to hang Sept 1 in my dining room. I don’t have a hobby center near my house, so it is always a treat to go to one.

Sunday was a nice day to have brunch with our son on our way home and then an afternoon in the car. I am really physically tired from the trip. I slept a ton and didn’t overdue it but just being gone and riding in the car has me tired with this long Covid. I am going to take it easy at work and hopefully I won’t feel so drained by tomorrow. And I didn’t feel this tired until I woke up today.

With Long Covid I am rethinking my routines because I just can’t seem to be able to do as much in my time slots before work and after work, I need more time to rest and maybe squeeze in a tiny exercise or movement plan. Sept is the “New Year” to me, so I am going to try a few routines out and see what helps me get something done around here that helps me as I am on a quest to get stronger.

Monday calls, work to be done and coffee to linger over just a minute longer.


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