Saturday Morning Coffee on Sunday

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I went to Tim Horton’s this weekend and got a coffee , I noticed that pumpkin spice was available so I asked if they had the pumpkin muffins. Oh yeah! It has a little cream cheese filling in the center making it perfect, and perfectly fall. It reminded me that I need to savor the last few weeks of summer because autumn will be here before I know it.

My husband went and threw Highland Games at the Renfest. I decided that I didn’t want to be at the festival on a hot day yet. I haven’t gone for a couple of years because they have limited food, water and what they call “ye old privy” which doesn’t appeal on a hot day! My parents live down the road from the festival, so I spent the day there. We had a great time and I was able to see the birds at my parents feeder while we had lunch!


a lovely afternoon to watch the birds! #backyardbirdwatching

♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

My parents have a super cool rock shop in their town. I couldn’t pass up on buying a few rocks! The spotted one glows in UV light, they showed me this on check out. I need to buy one of those ! Unfortunately, they do not have an online shop.

Off to stitch the rest of the day away and watch YouTube!



  1. Yooperlites has an online shop and a physical shop as well. We stopped by earlier this summer and bought a polished rock that glows under UV light.


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