Saturday Morning Coffee

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We are on the third day of the blizzard. We have cold temperatures, but the real force is the wind blowing the snow. I think in total we have to be close to 20 inches, possibly more. The day light is starting to get a little stronger this morning and all I see is deep snow, drifts and more snow falling. We have prepared for this weather all week, survived the rush on the stores and have all we need including Christmas dinner. Our tractor is going to get a real workout as my husband tries to dig us out when the winds die down. I have been documenting the storm on Instagram, Fb and TikTok if you want to see more as time passes to reveal the snow and the aftermath.

It’s a simple Christmas eve here. My husband and I will continue to be riding the blizzard out. We are grateful that we still have power, internet, heat and water. Overall, we have no plans, and we will see where the day takes us in keeping busy. We have been watching Willow on Disney+, Time Team on YouTube, college bowl games and maybe we will find a movie today. Officials are asking people to stay home as the roads are nearly impassable and it would be difficult to for rescue. We are “hunkering down” as my grandma used to say. I believe in this time of stillness and reflection I have found the real meaning of Christmas.

I have been stitching on my Christmas tree cross stitch and I expect to run out of the main color floss today. More is on its way from the Fat Quarter Shop. I also have floss coming to stitch a 2023 temperature stitch. I will talk about that more in Jan on Our Creative Souls blog. I am getting my hexies out to sew. today I also have got my Granny Square ufo out and made one block yesterday. There is never a lack of things to do around here!

The blizzard is something I haven’t seen in years. I am taking this time of stillness and introspection to reflect on the past year. I have so much to be thankful for. I am also releasing the things that don’t serve me anymore and adopting some new habits as well as making plans to follow my dreams in 2023. How this all will happen I don’t really know. I am taking one day at a time to take a step towards my goals. I watcheed Diane in Denmark to be inspired for the Flylady method of getting the house clean. I loved this video on how to deal with being overwhelmed at this time of year and I have been following her advice a few minutes at a time:

On this Christmas Eve, I hope that you are safe and warm. That your health is good, and you have opportunity to gather with you family soon!

May you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!



  1. I am working on starting each day with a mindfulness practice , journal along and focusing in being grateful. Then I can focus on what I want to do that day and be present vs whipping thru it all and not remembering much. I am finding I do better with white noise machines, earbuds on spa music and lists to keep me on track. 2023 is going to be an interesting year !


  2. Merry Christmas, Vicki!
    Like you I am making plans for 2023; I want to spend less time living unconsciously and more time doing the things that help me get what I want. the challenge will be how to make that a continuous effort while still allowing my ND brain the white noise I need to make it through each day. I think of you as a good example of slow and steady progress – the kind I need to emulate- and hope to follow your example this coming year!
    You have been through a lot this year; I am so happy for you that you are feeling better. Stay safe in the awful weather, my friend-who-I-have-never-actually-met , and I hope you have wonderful holidays!


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