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The week between Christmas and New Year is such an odd week. It’s a short work week that is usually very slow and this year was no exception. It is also the time where I find myself in deep reflection over the past year and thinking about goals for 2023. I start thinking about all the things I want to do, places I want to go and making a plan of how I am going to get there. I like goal setting but this year my goals are going to be very different. I am going to have a set of plans or ideas I suppose versus goals because of what 2022 handed me.

As I was reviewing the year, I started off well with tackling the stack of quilt tops and long arming several. I got my Dear Jane quilt out and made a few blocks. In the spring we visited our kids and grandkids in Virginia and took a vacation in Gettysburg. We had a family get together with all the kids and grandkids in the spring and went hiking. Then I was knocked on my butt with Covid in mid May and I was really sick thru July with it. I struggled daily with breathing, my brain being befuddled and cognitively scrambled as well as totally not able to tolerate any activity. I started my rehabilitation by taking up a craft that I knew how to do from my younger years and learning something new wasn’t possible. I took up cross stitch. I could sit in a chair and it was safe as I wasn’t using rotary blades and sewing machines with my brain feeling like I was starting over again.

When I came down with Covid in May a major tornado ripped through my town and my neighborhood. I was too sick and contagious to seek shelter with family or friends. My husband stayed home with me. We had no power for a few days and our cleanup was minimal. We were very lucky. To heal from this, I tidied up my garden the best I was able to and planted some sunflower seeds to bring me some joy of new growth.

I impulsively joined up with the Great Granny along and I cross stitched grannies, crocheted grannies and started a granny square quilt that I am still finishing up. I wasn’t thinking clearly obviously, LOL. Over the summer and fall, to get me out, we went on many nature drives in the wilderness and photographed the animals. We documented a huge forest fire in our wilderness and later in the summer we found the witness Tree.

We did spend the 4th of July with our Son and went to a car race with fireworks. I went to a couple of Highland games that I could take care of myself, pace myself in the activities I could and just to get out to get healthier. All the while I was working fulltime but I was able to finally work from home 3 half days a week. The fall was spent rehabbing myself as there is no rehab from what the Dr finally called Long Covid. I was slowly exercising, smell training, doing brain activities and working through my mental health by journaling. I was feeling so much better by Thanksgiving we went to 2 football games out of town and a concert. I had the flu in December and survived! I started working out in the garage gym and found Yes2Next YouTubers walk in place exercises for Seniors.

Then we were snowed in for 4 days over Christmas and got 3 feet of snow in the blizzard! We were stuck at home binge watching shows, football and I was sewing. I had joined Sewcialites 2 to help me remember how to quilt with tutorial by the FQS with each block as I struggled doing the Christmastime mystery in September.

It’s News Year’s Eve. Yesterday I spent the day pondering the year. I grieved the loss of my life that I had prior to being sick with Covid and all the things I wasn’t able to do this year. I then shifted gears and looked at all I did complete and that was what you just read. I saw that I survived many things that could have been devastating. I have begun making my loose plans and a few goals for next year. First thing is to get my house and especially my sewing rooming in order. I am joining Just Get It Done Quilts Declutter your Sewing Room challenge and I plan it will take me all winter to complete the 21 challenges.

I am planning to quilt all the quilt tops I have and bind them. I want to bust the stash of fabric I have, and I bought Lori Holts Scrappiness is Happiness book to help. I also want to do a Scrap challenge quilt I saw on Last Homely House You Tube.

I plan to regularly podcast, post on YouTube, blog and journal. What all that means and will look like I don’t know. I have ideas for the first few posts. We will see where that all takes me!

I am very excited to be stronger than I was and to continue on my journey. I am so thankful that you have been with me, cheerleading me, sending kind words when I was ill and struggling. I hope that you continue to be with me as I go into next year. I have bought champagne to ring in the New Year tonight at home with my husband. I think celebrating surviving the year is in order!

As I put 2022 to bed, I think of our vacation plans, quilt shows I want to go to, classes I want to take and people I want to see next year. I think it is all very exciting.

Now off to get some coffee as I begin my prep for the declutter challenge. Today’s goal is to hang a white board, get the garbage out of the sewing room and begin to clear the surfaces to see what I really need.

May peace, joy and happiness find you in 2023


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  1. I am happy you are feeling better and working on things that help you be healthier and those that bring you joy.


  2. Although you had great struggles last year, your messages to us are always uplifting. And that is because you have shared with us as you continue to recover every day. I’m looking forward to see all of your beautiful sewing projects in 2023.


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