Saturday Morning Coffee

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After a couple of weeks or a month that felt like a year, the sun came out yesterday. I mean it properly was out and shining much of the afternoon! Not like the day before where it was weakly peeping through the clouds for 5 min. I made sure to get outside and walk in it for 10 min each day in accordance to my 23 min outside goal in 2023. The issue is that it is January and despite the shining sun appearing warm it was only 22 when I went for a walk! Doesn’t matter it felt glorious.

This morning it is only 6 degrees. A right and proper January morning after all the unseasonably warm weather we have had since the Christmas blizzard. I don’t mind saying I am freezing, and the coffee is very good this morning to warm up. I have spent much time this week thinking and doing the Sewing Room Declutter Challenge with Karen Brown. It has been my primary focus in my free time. Not a lot of actual making has happened this week.

What I have discovered is that this project is turning out to be way harder than I expected. Maybe it’s because my body is still weak due to Long Covid and the same with my brain getting overwhelmed very easily. But with all the thinking and decision making, I shared this with the group on Facebook for the Declutter Challenge:

Today I have been pondering what Karen says over and over in her videos …. capacity. How much room do I have? Not much a 10 x 10 room with a little storage in another space.

Then I began thinking what’s my capacity. Do I have the time to do this? Yes, it’s winter and tis the season for staying home. Do I have the energy, only if I pace myself and don’t compare how much or little I have done. Do I have the capacity to do all the crafty things in my space- no and my sister is taking a lot.

Do I have the capacity to let go? Yes! Finally, I am not letting emotional attachment to things stop me.

You know I have had more therapy in this challenge than I would have ever thought!

I think I have finally been able to separate the fear of letting things go and not being able to buy more from the ability to determine what needs to go. I have not even started on the fabric. I spent time yesterday going through my pins and pincushions. I decided to let go of all the pins I don’t like, were dull and just not for quilting. I threw away a few ancient pincushions, opened up a brand-new magnetic tray I purchased months ago. That spilled over into clearing the cutting table. I have more pins to sort at the longarm station. That one 15 min spent doesn’t show much but it is an important step in achieving the goal – a clean and inspiring space to create. I have been doubting if I will ever make quilts again since I have been sick. I know I can’t design from scratch and that custom quilting is very hard, but I don’t think now is the time to decide to stop. I have had the inspiration to make quilts again by doing this challenge. I also have decided that I don’t need to be making things at the pace I used to. Slow and steady.

So, I am following other people’s patterns where I don’t have to make so many decisions. I pulled a few fabrics last night to start the Scrappy Spools quilt along with Fat quarter shop. I found a Lori Holt color palate for my boundaries on fabric colors and the quilt along schedule is very doable over the next year.

I have found searching Pinterest for Color combos has been very helpful in choosing what I want a scrappy quilt to look like. I have also been struggling with overthinking what scrappy means and what it should look like. I have taken several lovely classes but this Cory Yoder video was recommended by a friend. PS I found she is doing a quilt along on the Triple Irish Chain I started last year with the free pattern! I am going to watch her videos also to get inspired to finish my quilt this year!! The video listed below is a good one regarding making scrap quilts.

I pulled a few more fabrics to start the blocks today at a day long retreat! I have most things ready to go this morning. I am going to double check my things to take, throw a few meatballs in the crockpot and grab a water to go. I have only been to a day retreat once and this will be a welcome change to what I have been doing this week. It falls on the day Karen says rest and be with friends. Perfect timing!



  1. Thanks for the comment! I have heard of spoon life but didn’t understand what it was from a few thing I had read. I did find a wonderful article yesterday and thats a perfect description of my life. I have been a “spoonie#l” since my 20s! It’s something that I don’t often think about until it stops me in my tracks until the past 6 months when it’s a daily grind. But I have to say it’s getting better. I am able to tolerate more activity and making progress on cleaning up the house !


  2. I really appreciate the thoughts on “capacity”. Do you ever listen to the Clutter Fairy? She is a crafter too and has great advice about decluttering. She says if you move into a space 20% smaller, you will need to get rid of 20% of your stuff so that you can function in an inspiring space. Very hard to actually implement! I just moved into a smaller place and the solution for now was to keep all my necessary supplies and some projects in my new sewing room while I get used to my new space and decide on storage solutions. Then comes the hard work of letting go! It will take me a while too since I have physical limitations.
    Also—look up the “spoon theory”. I think it will really resonate with you like it did me! Helps us stay patient and happy with our 15 mins.
    Hope you had fun at your retreat!


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