Saturday Morning Coffee

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It’s bitterly cold the last couple of days and the winds are strong. I have seen a bit of sun peeking through the clouds but I am not going out for a walk! I have been in the home gym several days this week for some exercise, I was using weights and it sounds way more than it was. I picked up a few weight each day for maybe 5 min. But it counts! 

I have been slowly sorting my fabric into colors. I have decided to just sort by color first pass  and then when I am done with that I will sort by what I want to donate and what I want to keep. It’s a big job decluttering your sewing room and I plan to do this annually so it doesn’t take all winter next year! I have to review what I have done so I don’t get hung up on what I haven’t done in this process:

moved my sewing machine off the dining room table and on a proper sewing table

moved out all the excess misc. and put it on the front porch to sort and organize this winter

moved my big ironing board out and put it upstairs by the long arm 

set up a smaller pressing station in my sewing room

decluttered most surfaces

sorted through 14 of the 18 fabric bins in my bookcase 

sorted my patterns and books then relocated them on a bookcase on the front porch, donated several 

sorted through my pins and needles, pitched the useless ones 

sorted through my rulers and kept only the ones I love and use, donated the rest

hung up my dry erase board

stacked current projects in smaller scrapbook bins 

Not bad for a start on the sewing room. I have more surfaces to clear, bins to sort and things to box up to go to someone else but I am making a huge amount of progress.  Did I say this was really hard, oh yes , I mean really hard. Word to the wise don’t wait to do this once a decade. 

The only sewing I have done is to print off the latest Sewcialites2 pattern and cut out the pieces of the block. HOWEVER, I have nearly finished a custom quilt that I have been long arming for a month. So I am very happy to see the last border at the bottom of the quilt. I can’t wait to get it back to my friend and then quilt a few edge to edge quilts before I load another custom on the frame! 

I am keeping up on the Sew Scrappy Spools qal. I am keeping up with the Temperature Cross Stitch I am making. I am keeping up with my getting out of the house or going outside when the weather cooperates. I am working on a podcast and planning some videos. I am starting to feel more and more myself. I hope that the next 6 months in my long covid rehab will bring as much progress. I took some advice and read about Spoon life. It describes me so well. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 



  1. Oh no wonder why it didn’t come your email! It is a challenge keeping your sewing in a small space. I am finding I need to find a place for everything and everything in its place . And I think I am learning the lesson of giving grace to myself because when i do i have a lot more better or good days! Thanks for recommending it.


  2. I chuckled about the magazines because usually when my quilt group gets together people groan when asked about giving away fabric scraps and occasionally people will take books or magazines. This time at the end of our meeting I took the magazines left and put them in my trash. Sometimes people just can’t purge things themselves. And the fabrics, I am not sure what I will get rid of but I will find homes for some


  3. Glad I checked IG since the new post didn’t go to email for some reason! It’s just not Saturday til I see your post!
    You are making fantastic progress and it’s motivating me to keep going. I lost a lot of space in my recent move and am having to make some of the same decisions about what stays and goes. I set up my machine today and cleared space for some fun sewing in between the organizing. I’m so glad you are feeling better and the spoon theory rang a bell for you too. Giving ourselves grace is the way to go.


  4. Slow and steady wins! I thought about going through my fabric, buy honestly, I know I won’t get rid of any! I do pull it out and re-fold it once in awhile. I did cull a bunch of magazines in the fall. I took them to a retreat, and, it turned out, several other quilters had the same idea (and also had 3 years worth of magazines, since we hadn’t had the retreat since 2019). There were a LOT of magazines. Many of them found new homes, but a lot were just recycled. Oh well.


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