Saturday Morning Coffee

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I am dreading the spring ahead setting of the clocks tonight. I feel so tired for a week after that. It is really sad that I have become such a creature of habit that the change in the clocks wears me out for so long. I have been really trying to not have so much anticipatory dread over it but so far, I have not been successful.

This week I have been enjoying my evening hand stitching. Leisurely listening to Kate at the Last Homely House channel as she stitches, too. It’s been a week of cozy cross stitch. I did finish one little project then I loaded a quilt on the frame, and it took me all week to do it.

I have to say I want to find a couple of small frames for these little stitches. I did order a few more patterns from the Xstitch the rainbow group. It is tea themed and all the patterns use the same silk threads. I am excited my thread should be here soon and I chose 3 patterns as well as a few of the freebies downloaded too.

I had a week where I felt a bit of the long Covid fatigue. So, I rested more. I took a couple of days off from exercising. I had been dieting really strictly and I felt tired and worn out. So, I had a sub sandwich last night from our new Jersey Mikes, with chips and some cookies. I feel so much better today after a week of just feeling drained and then a little treat for TGIF. I have to have a little break from all the healthy choices every once in a while. Today is back on the path and exercise too. I think of it as a break, some call it a cheat day but whatever it was needed to get back on track.

I plan to sort some things out of my stash to take to my mom and sister later this week. I am pleased with how the sewing space looks and my momentum has been taking me to a slow roll spring cleaning. Move things and dust, go through a bin or a box and sort it, getting rid of more excess things has all been a great push to keep going once I was done with the sewing room declutter. I have been working my routines more and to help me I put Gretchen Rubin’s book Outer Order Inner Calm on hold at the library. Can’t wait to read it again, it has been years and I expect it to be a good jumping off point for my spring cleaning journey.

Today’s biggest challenge is that I am starting a lawn goose dress. I am going to see my Daughter and the family next month. I wanted to have a whole wardrobe of goose clothes for her but I haven’t even started. But there is still time. I expect the first one will take me a the longest but once I figure it out I maybe able to knock out several seasonal outfits to take with me on the trip. Wish me luck, garment making is something I haven’t done a lot of .

Have a great day! I am going to grab my first cup of Saturday morning coffee!


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  1. I dread the spring ahead too. Now that I’m retired, I can ease into it a little more gently, but it still takes me a week or two to adjust. In the fall, though, I seem to lose the benefit of the fall back within a couple days! What’s up with that??


  2. I finally looked up “lawn goose” after hearing you mention it several times and totally cracked up! My Midwest roots totally get it! We are getting drenched again here in CA so gardening day is now sewing room day. I’m still organizing after moving so thank you for the book recommendation. I just borrowed it to keep me company! Have a great weekend!


  3. Wow, Vicki, I have to have the coffee first and you’ve done an entire blog. You always have interesting things to say. I just got COVID this week after avoiding it for 3 years! Thankfully it’s just been like a bad cold. Working on a tee shirt quilt with tees from cheerleading and plays my granddaughter was in.


    • Connie I fly thru into wellness very fast!! I am sl glad you’re not terribly sick.

      T shirt quilts are fun to make and if i have no deadlines i will get one done!!

      I like to write and then get the French press set up and I proof read!
      Thanks for the comment!!


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