Saturday Morning Coffee

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I hope your St Patrick’s Day was a good one! I was home under a winter storm watch. That’s ok I didn’t really need to go on a pub crawl. I had yesterday off too and besides recording a podcast I didn’t get much done. It felt great.

I am watching the heavy equipment piling up the snow behind my garden. It’s the time of year when I ask myself if this was the last snow, wishing it was the last snow. How long will it take to melt that snow mountain? It is right behind my garden, so any spring planting won’t be happening till end of May. Winter is still hanging on with last nights 5 inches of snow. Boo I am so very done with it. I think I will counteract this end of winter feeling by watching the new series of Gardeners World with Monty Don this weekend.

I have no plans today just a list of things I should do and things I could do in case I get bored. I have blocks to sew, quilts to quilt, cross stitch patterns to start and new pens to do Zentangle with. I could make another goose dress, too. I think I will do a bit of sewing since it is national quilting day. Maybe someone will have a livestream to watch while I sew. I often think I should do a live stream then I realize I need to do my hair and post a time and I don’t want to be that formal on Saturdays.

I am actually pretty happy to be a homebody this weekend. I am a little tired from the busy last few weeks. I am looking at our calendar and our spring break road trip is the week after Easter. We will need to go to Costco before that. I can get the house ready by catching up and getting ahead on chores and laundry. We a driving to see the grandkids and then doing the Skyline drive in Virginia. I am looking forward to an epic road trip with food in a cooler and all!

I am looking forward to this spring and summer being different than the last few years. Last year being dominated by me getting Covid and long covid beginning in May. It felt like our vacation a year ago was a decade ago. I am looking forward to picking up where that trip left off last year right about the time we are taking vacation this year. I am looking forward to a summer of festivals and highland games, picnics and family gatherings. Its right around the corner and I am working hard to be ready by exercising. I am wrapping up my decluttering and organizing the house all in prep for summer being a time of fun.

I am going to work out in a few minutes, finish up my coffee and get moving about.


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  1. That’s too bad about ol’ man winter becoming an unwelcome guest. Hopefully you will have more spring days coming. It’s so funny how we try to make ourselves enjoy the moment but then look forward to better days, future activities, etc. I am taking your cue to just get things done at home. I have a long list but will be happy to get the top 3 done. Enjoy your weekend-sounds like maybe the last of slow ones for a while!


    • Thanks! I agree intry to enjoy the moment but sometimes I do get ahead if myself …. I will feel better when the organization project is done ! It’s been a nice and slow day giving me time to sew and stitch in-between chores.

      Have a good weekend!!


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