Relaxing on a Sunday


Here is a catch up on life. In photo a day the full pic is a moment for me to say that I am pretty proud of my son. He wrestled for 6 years. He has 5 AP classes. He volunteered a ton, went to church, took part of praise and worship bands and had a part time job. Very good job indeed. 

makes me smile

Love going to the suana on a cold day after a workout. Nice perk at the gym…

a word

When I print my current quilt for foundation piecing, it defaults to Unnamed. I need to think of a name. I hope to put it in a quilt show so I have to keep it a bit hush hush until I know if it gets in the show … or not.


Ahhh, clouds. The view from my front door. It has been a parthly cloudy day today a nice change from the overcast and snow that has been falling and falling. The snowblower needs to hurry up and be fixed, this hand shoveling is not fun for anyone.

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