Design wall Monday


Here is  my Mom’s latest quilt. She did a floral Twister. I love it. I looked through my threads and narrowed it down to three. We chose the copper thread. It blends in well but does have a nice contrast on the purples. I am doing a fan blade dwirling stitch. I prefer thread that blends into the background.

I have decided that the cold weather and snow needs to go soon. We are getting another storm Tuesday. I think we have had over 110 inches of snow so far this winter. No more, seriously!

I think that February is the month of eating carbs and dairy. Ha, veggies taste terrible. I made Amish Friendship bread. We ate ice cream and that made this cold grey weekend so much more fun!

It’s done, more details tomorrow!


  1. That quilt is going to be beautiful! I’m with you on the carbs and dairy–we really have seemed to be eating so much more of those this month–and our waistlines are showing it!


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