I have learned over the past few years to look for inspiration  just about anywhere. I have found that if I pay attention to what it happening in the world around me, I see something that day that I have never noticed before. It is usually in every day things.


For example, the way the sun hits an object causing shadows and highlights. Different color palletes in nature, color combos in current design are all things that I watch forDSCN6181crop.

The form and shape of objects. I have found that taking photos of these items help me when I go back home to design my ideas. I always have a camera with me, even if it’s just the cell phone!


I also have found going places like shopping, museums, craft shows and concert are inspiring. I have to push myself to observe things that I have prejudged that I won’t like because in these new experiences are some of the biggest flashes of inspiration.


Also, I find that looking at all of the wonderful photos out on the net inspiring. The above photo is one of my quilts and I used ChipIT to break down the color scheme. I really enjoy Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram and such to see what others are doing, observing and experiencing.

Where do you find inspiration?

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