Old houses and their quirks

How do you make a 100 year old house conducive to modern living? It has been a struggle. I think we have done fairly well in making it work for us but I am looking for a few more tweaks. Of course, this time of year I just want to pitch everything and start new.


I would like to find a way to bring the laundry to the main floor. I have exterior cellar stairs  that were covered by an addition to the house years ago. I climb them often to  complete the task and it’s killing my hips. I should get a builder in to look. But of course, that takes money. Most likely lots of it.


The other thing is each room is small. The long arm fits in my bedroom and it works there. My dream is to have a large studio some day. Not sure if finishing our garage is an option, more of that thing in the money department. Rearranging the rooms is limited in what can be done with the floor plans.

Or do you just leave it as it is and think that in the future a different house is what you really need ?



  1. We use to own a 100 year house so I understand a bit what you are going through. It was also in the city and so, for me being a country girl, it was a double whammy. I dreamed of a newer house in the country. After my accident and I couldn’t work we lost that house to forclosure and now live in a townhouse. I miss the old big house because of our space here is lacking. Also I miss my yard because we had a veggie and flower gardens. Maybe it’s more about being content despite? Idk


    • I believe you are right, I have been a bit discontented in many thing and that is pretty typical this time of year. I hope that I feel better about things before the grad party we will host this summer!


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