Hobby vs art


I had a moment this week when I was a bit embarrassed by how much time and resources I spend on making quilts. I have 5 more quilts to bind, 5 more to quilt and 2 in progress. I had to ask myself if this is a hobby or more of a creative art for me?

I have many quilts that I have made. I don’t give many away. We use many because it is cold. I decorate with them. Quite honestly, I am pretty emotionally attached to most of them and want to hold on to them.

 Sigh, but I need to have a better storage solution because they are literally everywhere.

I have several exciting things happening with quilts. I have one that will be featured in a magazine next month. I am finishing a quilt for consideration in a quilt show. I am gathering my thoughts to propose a book.

I had a moment and realized my quilts on hand were a product of my creativity and a tangible result in the process of meeting my goals.



  1. A hobby can very well be a creative outlet and art. You care about what you do, you strive to do your best, you continue to learn about your craft, and you feel the need to create… you are definitely an artist, and it shows. =]


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