Questions I ask while working out

I haven’t lifted weights in nearly a month. I have had less migraines and less joint pain. I have lots of time during my one hour cardio to let my Mind spin.

I wonder should i  cut my hair or let it grow so i can put it in a ponytail ?


How should i finish my amigurumi? Owl  bear, monkey, thing…..

I ask myself if I look ridiculous when I workout. Or do I look more ridiculous when I look in the mirror too see…..


I often think of what I want and play the “if I won the lottery” game. The latest jackpot was on the tv while working out. I would be debt free, have a quilt studio,a new car and be self employed as a quilt teacher.

Maybe i would also buy a
Gym. Then i would own it and paint it any color i wanted!

Enough silliness, time for work.


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