15 minutes

2010-05-02 15.50.51

In my little world, I break most things down in to 15 minute increments. I find that if I do maximize the use of these little snippets of time, I get things done. Lots of things, some times really big things like a queen sized quilt! I usually have 15 minutes that are open multiple times of day that I can choose to waste, or maximize its potential. I work full-time so I have to stay on top of chores and projects or I would never finish things! Here is a list of things I can do in 15 minutes that keeps me going!

2012-05-02 19.06.21

pick up the horizontal surfaces of a room

throw in a load of laundry and fold the clothes in the dryer

dust one room

wipe off the fixtures in a room

vacuum one room

sort papers on the desk and pitch the old stuff

most of my quilting is done in 15 minute increments!

sort fabric

cut fabrics and prep for sewing

sew a block

sew a binding

quilt a row on a quilt

crochet or knit a few rows

make a Zentangle

read a devotional

cook many meals

practice my violin if squeezed for time2012-06-27 19.57.55

sort through email -delete and reply quick answers. Long answers in email prompts a quick phone call to save time

make appointments

update my blog

read the news

drink coffee, 🙂

2011-12-09 08.42.17

I wanted to share some old quilt pictures in this post for emphasis of how I get things done. It helps to organize the day enough so you have a routine and this increases my productivity, you know a typical flow of the day.   I like to spend my time off of work doing more than cleaning and doing chores. I am not the master at time management but I think I have it down pretty well, at least enough to eat, wear clean clothes and sleep under a really comfy quilt!!


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