What new here? Lots!



I have to say that there has been tons of new things happen around here. In January my parents moved from there house three blocks from me to a house near my siblings. It is 3 hours away. My son graduates so we are in full mode to prepare for that. More news that was made public last week was my daughter and her husband are expecting. Twins!

Don’t you think that would be enough?  No way. I have a quilt being published in a magazine next month if all goes as expected. I am fininshing a quilt for a quilt show and hope it gets accepted. I have a few customer quilts for the long arm to do in addition to my 4o hour work week.

There’s more, I am learning Zentangle drawing. I hope to take  a little class on it. I am sewing test blocks for a magazine too.

Then this past week we all got new laptops. Lots of great sales! Now more learning on Windows 8 and how to use new programs. Best news my EQ6 program still works

Life is good. Now if the snow would stop it would be even better.



  1. All such wonderful news, Vicki! It’s amazing how life can change, in good ways, so quickly when you start doing what you enjoy most! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you and your family! I can’t wait to see you published!


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