Happiness Project

I am re-reading the book titled “The Happiness Project.” It is one of the few books that I can honestly say that has deeply affected me outside of the Bible. It struck a chord with me on ways to improve my own happiness in a very practical way. Not that I was unhappy before I started my own project a few years ago, because I was. It was a way to increase the satisfaction with the great things in my life, work on those that needed some work and stay focused on goals. I highly recommend the book. The author has written a follow-up book and I wanted to refresh my memory before reading the new book.

It has inspired me to begin to actively start working on my project vs. just incorporating it in my life. It is nice to revisit and refocus on goals. I will begin blogging about it once a week. The first step is cleaning up and organizing, getting enough sleep and exercising all to increase energy.

I have been working on clearing up clutter. Our spring yard work is started. I feel better because the clutter in my life helps relieve the clutter internally. It’s a start. I won’t be finished quickly and it is an ongoing project. I won’t bore you with all the details but I am finding that I should make lists to keep track of it. And to be able to see items get checked off.

Here are some happy pictures from today:

Aviary Photo_130119277945673495

Our son received a faculty award for his achievement in his computer studies.


Photo a day I love…. my husband of 27 years.  I am very happy with this picture


The screen shot of my quilt in the next edition of this magazine. A goal met that I didn’t think would ever happen!

It has been a very good day indeed

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