A few pictures from the weekend…..

DSCN7634DSCN7610DSCN7615Aviary Photo_130122722170278637








Its been a pretty busy weekend. On Saturday, my husband and I cooked the prom dinner and then we headed out to the little park near our home. It was perfect weather and lighting for pictures of the prom.


I was a homebody this weekend. I spent several hours on Saturday doing housework.




Then several hours sewing up quilt blocks…. it so made up for the housework. IMG_20130505_194215_626

And then I felt like I had arrived…. the yard work is nearly done. Raking, bagging leaves, mulching. Now all that I have to do out there is plan some annuals , something I don’t normally do,  for our son’s graduation party. But my poor husband and family have painting the garage and fixing the steps to get into the house. Necessary jobs but now the squeeze on time before the June 8 deadline.

Now to relax and watch one of my favorite shows, River Monsters….


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