We had a get away for the weekend part 1


It is finally here. Memorial Day Weekend. It happened to be my birthday and the first highland games of the season. Alma Michigan has nationally recognized competition for Bagpipes single and band as well as Highland dance. There is also pro and amateur Highland games. My husband is an amateur and this is his third season competing. So to celebrate it all we made a get away of it. Our son had to work . So we stayed at the largest and closet hotel, the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant.

Ok, first you have to understand what a big deal this is. Getting out-of-town on a Friday was hard. Our plans had to change due to Baccalaureate and it was very hectic getting out of our home town after a very long work week. We live in a tourist town so it has been swamped with tourists already. Getting around is slow. We were frazzled.

We are alone. No kids. We don’t gamble. We weren’t sure if it was a place we would enjoy. It was expensive. The first pic is me waiting during check in.


This is a very wonderful hotel. It was well worth the money. We had wonderful food. We listened to the people and saw a bit of gambling. I lost 10 in video poker. My husband won 50 cents.


It is my birthday so here is a selfie to document that I am another year closer to getting my AARP card in a few years. Yea, diet and exercise has gotta get going…. next week.

At the end of eating in the fine dining restaurant, here is my birthday cake. So rich and delish I couldn’t eat it all. I thought it looked like a cruise ship!




The grounds. And a silly duck nesting.


I see another trip in my future to do to this quilt show advertised in the lounge!!!


AM early check out. Here is the lobby, with grand water feature, tables and shops. I would go back again next year for a weekend during the opening Highland festival. I think I will take advantage of more of the amenities next time-spa, pool, room service and all!!!!

More about the festival later!!!



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