Alma is nearly here!

My tartan collection grows as i prepare to mske a quilt! This represents my love of family and ancestors.

After all the work to get the house in shape for graduation in two weeks, we are taking a break this weekend from all the work. We are going to my husband’s first Highland games competition of the year. I have heard about the countdown since January, and I can’t believe that it is here!!!


I love going to Alma. It is a very large festival and mostly a competition of sport, bagpipes, dance and there is music too. It is right up my alley. I have family  and friends that are going to be there so we are making a weekend of it.

So here’s to the weekend, it’s gonna be good.


  1. Have a great time… we were at our first two last weekend and we are travelling to California to the Costa Mesa games this weekend


    • Thanks, we will be having a great time. The weather should be good. I am really looking forward to the competition, seeing old friends and having a weekend getaway! How did your family do?


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